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AdultEmpire UNLIMITED - The most popular Roku porn channel in our adult private channel listings. Over 200,000 videos, including 120,000 scenes and more than 28,000 full-length movies. SugarInstant - Unlimited streaming to your Roku for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year after 5-day free trial. Jul 20, 2015 · Adding adult Roku channels is easy. You add them the same way as any other Roku channel. Since they are private channels, you just need to know where to find them. Luckily we have compiled one of the best Adult Roku channels lists which have them.

Black Friday Specials - Get 50% off for life on these top Roku adult channels! Nowhere Porn adds cool features - and the Roku porn is still free! HotMovies launches 3rd Annual Porn Star Bracket Tournament: New Roku porn videos on AdultEmpire and GayEmpire in March 2017. Roku has more than 3,000 channels available, You can also search by Movies, TV, Games and other types of apps. Some offer adult content, while others simply don't want to jump through the Author: Marshall Honorof.

We list the best private Roku porn channels, recommendations, announcements of new content, and information on how to use your Roku player to access straight and gay adult videos. Adult content for your Roku® device and other streaming media players. Home. Add a Hotmovies channel to your Roku. Choose the Roku channel you want to add and write down the "Link code" from the list of channels below (Adult Channel - link code is HM01, Discreet Channel - link code is HMD01, etc.) Click on the channel icon you want to add to go to your Roku account page.