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The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb is a 1993 surrealist horror mystery stop-motion animated film directed, written, shot and edited by Dave Borthwick, produced by Bolexbrothers studio and funded by Richard Hutchinson, BBC, La Sept and Manga Entertainment, which also distributed the film on video.Music by: Startled Insects, John Paul Jones. Jun 15, 2011 · "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb" (1993) is a dark and twisted stop-motion animated feature that follows the life of the mute, fetus-like Tom Thumb who is kidnapped by scientists, meets mutated apparitions in a lab, escapes with the help of a cybernetic lizard-monster, meets a settlement of elf-like creatures led by Jack the Giant Killer and 4.1/5(18).

Dec 10, 1993 · Directed by Dave Borthwick. With Nick Upton, Deborah Collard, Frank Passingham, John Schofield. A boy born the size of a small doll is kidnapped by a genetic lab and must find a way back to his father in this inventive adventure filmed using stop motion animation techniques. Tom meets a variety of strange creatures and eventually discovers a race of miniature humans like himself.7.3/10(1.4K). Explore the store, shop online, manage your orders and learn how to get the most out of your rewards points through our loyalty program with Tom Thumb.