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Can I be arrested for cyber sex? I was chatting anonymously online with a person who claimed to be 18, and the two of us acted out a fantasy that if done in real life would be highly illegal. It was. Can someone get busted for having cyber sex with a minor, if there is no exchange of pictures and it is all done online? I know there have been cases of police officers posing as kids and busting people online, but IIRC they usually don't get busted unless there is an attempt to set up a real life meeting.

Mar 17, 2008 · Is it against the law to have cybersex with a minor, when there's no physical contact, and they meet? the men never have physical sexual contact with the decoy minor but still get arrested. In the series, some areas allow the men to be arrested just for the Internet communication -they did not even have to come to the house. Is cybersex Followers: 1. Can you get arrested for having cyber sex on omegle? Home More advice Sex. YES it is illegal and YES you could get arrested and YES you could end up in jail. It just isn't likely AT PRESENT. In summary, the best answer is that if you DO want to have "cybersex" with someone, you should at least make SURE that a) it is consensual and b) both.

In most cases, there is nothing illegal about two adults who engaged in cybersex. Nevertheless, in case one of the chat room users is actually a minor, the actions of the adult person on the other side of the screen are considered illegal and he or she can be arrested for committing the actual crime. Jun 17, 2011 · Can you be arrested for sex chatting on Omegle? I have been on Omegle a couple of times now and most of the time, I see guys who post things like "Horny 20 male looking for young female", or things like that. And that got me thinking, if someone over the age of 18 has a dirty chat with someone under the age of 18, can the adult be Status: Open.