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Edmund Emil Kemper III (born December 18, 1948) is an American serial killer and necrophile who murdered ten people, including his paternal grandparents and mother.He is noted for his large size, at 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m), and for his high IQ, at 145.Kemper was nicknamed the "Co-ed Killer" as most of his victims were students at co-educational institutions.Criminal penalty: Eight life sentences (concurrent). Similar searches serial pkf killed strangle shot murder strangler assasin killergram serial killer forced femme fatale strangled hogtie killer knife dead female killer killer body murderer killer sex death killing killers michael myers pst assassin murdered horror die strangulation thriller More.

Related searches killer neck snap serial strangler serial killer movie killers thriller a cruel picture michael myers serial rapist electric chair innocent teen forced by black strangled execution crime vintage bride blue movie gina gershon outdoor lesbian ted bundy serial ivy black shiny cock films family sex murder psychopath films horror. Infamous Serial Killers. Many of the most horrifying acts of violence are committed by serial killers. Always looking for next victim, these murderers kill again and again, never fully satisfied.

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