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The screen at the bottom would be a lot darker when the TV was switched on but after a couple of minutes would sort itself out and was fine. Now, though, the screen is staying dark at the bottom all the time and doesn't clear. We can still see the picture through it but it is very irritating. Has anyone else had the same problem and is there a. Hi, I too have a HP NOtebook with a dark patch that has appeared in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The machine is otherwise is excellent condition and has been well cared for.

Jul 29, 2011 · I finally fixed it. It was the LCD screen. I bought a new LCD screen from eBay, and now my backlight is perfect. I now have a glossy LCD screen instead of a matte screen. LED backlight has a dark pattern on bottom edge of the screen? I'm using a 24" Samsung T240HD monitor connected to my DVI port on my MacBook Pro right now and it looks.